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"I used to think you’d be that boy who’ll come to my house in the middle of night, begging for me to come downstairs to make up after a big fight. That boy who’ll surprise me with bright, yellow sunflowers on a foggy day. That boy with a smile so beautiful, I never have to worry about anything…



2003 MTV Movie Awards

The early 00’s were a fascinating, terrifying era in history…

"I cried when I learned that I would be his father. At first, I felt fear. Then joy. It is a new responsibility and I am now enjoying it." He later described the birth of his baby boy as "2.8 kilograms of pure happiness".

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"God blessed me, If it had been another two centimeters I could be in a wheelchair today"

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So I saw many people saying that Tangled and Frozen have mothers and daughters that look exactly the same and how those people “used to love Disney before they got lazy” but I just wanted to make a tiny reminder that Elsa, Anna and Rapunzel are not the only ones who look a lot like their moms, okay? Seriously.

Let me explain to you a thing that I like to call genetics

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Nature and Noise: Photography by Anna Marinenko


In which Draco and Harry dress a little too quickly after a meeting

I don’t even ship it and this is awesome

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